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One of the biggest reasons why I came to Taiwan was for the cheap, delicious food and drinks here. One of the most obvious was for BOBA MILK TEA of course!! I am a stickler for plain milk tea, so most of my reviews would be for the original flavor. If I tried any special flavors, I will list them here as well.

CoCo's Fresh Tea and Juice

Rabbit Rabbit Tea

Everyone from California should know about CoCo's already...! I'm going to use them as a base to compare with the other available options. I find Coco's milk tea to be:

  • Price: 35NT
  • Menu: Here
  • Milk Tea: Thick, dense
  • Chewiness: Medium
  • Sugar: Different sugar levels available. I recommend doing half-sugar. Full sugar for original flavor.
  • Healthiness: Not very (tea + creamer)
  • Highlights: cheap, original milk tea flavor I'm used to. Great for those that like a very sweet milk tea with thick consistency.



  • Price: 45NT
  • Menu: Here
  • Milk Tea: Slightly lighter than CoCo but still thick, dense
  • Chewiness: Medium-Higher, chewier than CoCo
  • Sugar: Different levels available. I recommend doing low-sugar. 
  • Healthiness: Not very (tea + creamer)
  • Highlights: Tasty milk tea that resembles CoCo's. Cuter packaging. More options. I suggest trying their Top 7 for different tea flavors.

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