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The NTU website is not very easy to navigate...! Luckily, someone had already created a guideline on how to search and register for classes. It's filled with pictures and notes, and I thought it was pretty clear. 

I thought it would still be useful to write down some of my take-aways and extra notes on the entire enrollment process.

Here are the important links that you'll need for the course enrollment process.

Online Course Information - This is where you'll find the schedule of classes + when and where you can take them.

Online Course Selection System - The link directs you to a landing page, which lets you know whether the course selection system is open or not. If it is closed / processing, you will not be able to access the system where you'll be able to add/drop courses.

myNTU - Your student portal. You can access both of the above links through myNTU.

Courses for International Students - These courses are designed for international and exchange students, and are mainly taught in English. 



Take Tues-Thursday Classes - This is just my preference, but I would go for morning classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. That way you have the rest of the day free, esp when classes end early, AND you'll have a four day weekend.

General Chinese - You do not need to sign up for General Chinese online if you were planning on taking the course. (As a refresher, in the NTU Application, they asked if you are planning to take General Chinese.) You need to arrive in Taiwan and take the placement exam before enrolling. (What is General Chinese? What is Enhancing Chinese?) General Chinese nighttime courses do not conflict with other courses, as it's at 6:30-9:30 or something and everything else ends at 5:30 / 6:00. Enhancing courses might conflict, because they are daytime only.

Unexpected Classes Taught in Chinese - There are a bunch of classes in the NTU Online Course Information website with a syllabus in perfect English. Do not be fooled! They are still taught in Chinese. The only ones are the courses listed under "Courses Conducted in English". Again, I recommend checking out Courses for International Students.

UCEAP Units Policy - You need to take at least 21 UC quarter units.

3 hours NTU course = 5 UC quarter units

2 hours NTU course = 3.5 UC quarter units

PE = 0.5 UC quarter units

General Chinese is 6 hours/week = 10 UC quarter units

Enhancing Chinese is 4 hours/week = 6 quarter units


From NTU International Student Association:

1. You can take any class you want. If the system doesn't allow you to add the class, go to the first day of the class and politely ask the professor to add the class. If the class is not that full, you will probably get in.

2. If you want a class from another department do as told in #1.

3. You can take any PE level you want. Remember if the system doesn't allow you to add the class, just do as told in #1.

4. If you don't get the course in the 1st stage, don't panic. You can still try to add it during the 2nd stage or do as told in #1.

5.Few class recommendations:
i. Exploring Taiwan
ii. If you like Asian architecture search for Professor Takashi Sakai in the Fast Search tab
iii. If you like to write, look for Professor Keevak.


Know your Student ID and Password


I found my Student ID number in the NTU Application Page. Login with your email and birthday, and go to the "Application Status" tab. Your student ID along with dorm information is on there. Write down your student id as well as the dorm information / save the information somewhere. You'll need both info for multiple occasions, including course enrollment, and especially on your first day arriving in Taiwan.

Your password is the letter a + your birthday. (If my birthday is December 25, then a1225 is my password).

Stage 1 and 2 of Course Enrollment


NTU didn't give us any heads up or any emails until the first enrollment stage started, so don't panic if you haven't gotten any notices on how to enroll. 

Stage 1 started mid-August (August 17)

Stage 2 started late-August (August 27)

Tip! In the Online Course Information page, you'll see a column that says "Selection Method".

  • The number "1" indicates that the course is on a first come, first serve basis. I barely ever saw classes with a 1.
  • The number "2" indicates that you need to show up on the first day of class to get the green slip.
  • The number "3" indicates that you can just go online and add the class (onto the waitlist if it is full); whether you get it or not is completely random.

NTU classes almost never enroll on a first come, first serve basis, so you don't need to be watching your computer and slamming your keyboard when the course selection system opens. Simply add the courses that you want and wait. After stage 1 closes, the NTU computer system will begin processing and decide which classes you got into. You'll probably get an email in a couple days to see your results. It is totally possible that you did not get any classes.

The same will happen in stage 2. Simply add the classes you want and wait for results.

Email from NTU on Course Enrollment Stage 1

Dear UCEAP participants,

Greetings from NTU! The stage 1 of course selection is now available, you may now start by entering the links below, log in with your NTU student ID (T01xxxxxx) and aMMDD (lower case “a” + date of birth).

Click to preliminary course selection stage 1 

If you encounter errors to access or to log in, please let me know as soon as possible

Again, course registering result is not first-come-first-served basis, just make sure you have your enrollment done within the system validation (August 17-20, 2015). Course online enrolling system will be closed for system updating from 3am -9am everyday within the service .

If you are taking General Chinese Course, you’ll gain 10 UC quarter units (see Syllabus), and another 6 UC quarter units if you take Enhancing Course (see Syllabus). NTU General Chinese Course will be held at 8:10am–10:00am in the morning (Mon, Wed, Fri) or 6:30pm–9:15pm in the evening (Mon, Wed), and you will be asked again for your preference to take either morning/evening classes . There is no need to select the General/Enhancing Chinese Course in the course selection system.Make sure the other courses you have selected do not conflict with General/Enhancing courses.

To register for General Chinese/Enhancing Course, you must attend the registration and placement test on Sunday, September 13 at the Freshman Building (from 9:00am-12:00 noon).  Students in the year program, do not need to take another test in the second semester.

Please refer the following link for additional information:



It is highly suggested to refer to the link http://www.oia.ntu.edu.tw/study-at-ntu/why-study-at-ntu/courses for English taught courses. You will be able to view the course list by colleges.

Lastly please double check you select courses via the Course Selection System (website address starts with if177 or if192) not https://nol.ntu.edu.tw (for planning uses only). Your course drafted schedule will not be merged automatically until you log in to Course Selection System and import it by yourself.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or ask on our facebook group. 

UCEAP Academic Policy

3 hours NTU course = 5 UC quarter units

2 hours NTU course = 3.5 UC quarter units

PE = 0.5 quarter unit

Graduate level courses need UCEAP approval

General Petition for Pass/NP

General Chinese: 6 hours/week=10 quarter units

Enhancing course: 4 hours/week= 6 quarter units

Min. course load: 21 UC quarter units total per semester

 Remember, make sure to take all the courses you need to fulfill the minimal course load of 21 UC quarter units.



Major Limitations - During the first two online stages of course enrollment, you'll come to realize that you were not given many of the courses that you wanted. This may be because of capacity issues and major limitations. However, as an exchange student, you can technically take courses in any department, so don't worry about it for now. What you need to do is show up on the first day of class and ask the instructor for the green slip (like a PTE at UCLA), which provides an enrollment authorization number for you.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.08.31 PM


The Other Stages

First Week of Class

Between stage 2 and stage 3, you would have arrived in NTU.

Starting from stage 3, you are most likely adding courses through the green slip, which also means you'll be shopping for a lot of classes on the first week of the semester. Use google calendar or whatever you need to. 

The location of the class is missing sometimes. Email the professor for the location. FYI, each course page should have a link with "CEIBA" somewhere on it. Click and login, and there might be additional information.

Google maps doesn't work sometimes. I was not able to find certain buildings, either because of weird names or it was just too insignificant to show up. Use NTU Maps as a back up. Though it won't give you directions, at least you can see where the building is, and maybe re-pinpoint onto google maps.

First day of class usually end early. Every single class I went into, the first day was all self-introduction and syllabus review. If you have two classes clashing with each other, you can totally get out of the first one and jump into the second one half way. It's a little awkward if the class is super small, but it might be worth it! 

Don't be afraid to walk out of the class. Five minutes into the class, and you realize it's not for you, simply get up and leave. The instructor doesn't care.

NTU Deadlines

Second-Third Week of Class

If NTU doesn't change this in the future, then I believe:

  • The last day to add classes is Friday of your second week.
  • The last day to drop classes is Monday of your third week. (Do it a few days before in case of glitches. If you drop any later than Monday, you'll get a 'Withdrawal' on your transcript and no one can help you.)


UCEAP Deadline

Fourth Week of Class

For me, the deadline to submit my EAP studylist (go to myEAP) was October 5, which is Monday of 4th week. Again, do it early. After this date, you won't be able to change anything, and you'll have to email the EAP people to manually edit things for you, which is a big pain.

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